Getting it rolling

Pendant: Aquamarine, sterling silver

2021 was a busy time, building the tools and machinery in place to ramp up design, fabrication and repair. Starting a small company with few resources other than our hands and our minds, we have learned to be patient with our growth. 2022 is seeing the fruits of that labor.

A local lapidarist fashioned this aquamarine, and we love the unusual shape. At our workbench, we set it simply in sterling silver; It is such a lovely stone, with aqua green hues and fissures mesmerizing in the light, that it needs no adornment.

Pendant: Aquamarine, sterling silver
2022 Collection

A helluva year to start a business…..

2020 has been a challenge to many of us, and we are no exception. At least it offered some time to be introspective, and caused us to think about what is important. We have been given these hands to make beautiful and useful objects, and that is our goal.

We have quite the mix of skills; welding, soldering, forming, wood working, and casting are just a few. From manufacturing knives and jewelry to repair work and more, we have what it takes to work in a variety of formats.

Let’s hope that 2021 brings us unity and health!